pinkhat_blogThe average monetary loss due to data breaches occurring in small to medium businesses in 2015 was $38,000[1].

$38,000!  What would you rather do with that money, than pay it just to get your data back?

"While the headlines tend to focus on attacks on large organizations, the truth is that organizations of all sizes are potential victims of cybercriminals, looking to steal intellectual property, customer data or gain a foothold in another organization that does business with the victim company. [1] "In other words, small to medium businesses are HUGE targets for cybercrime.

Small companies don't have the budget or the know-how to secure their data networks the way that larger ones do.  So the simple fact is, they are 15x more likely to be targeted.  Most small business owners will pay a ransom to get their data back.  Most large business owners have Disaster Recovery tools in place to simply roll their network back and get back to work quickly.

So the question is, how does a small business protect from, prepare for and respond to cyber threats?  The answer:

  1. Educate the staff - every new employee and all existing employees should participate in safe technology training.
  2. Layer your network with the best tools on the market to help protect you - at an affordable cost.
  3. Monitor what is happening to your data and your network.
  4. Manage the passwords and devices that are used by everyone - not just your staff, but vendors (have you given the server password to the Xerox technician?) and contractors.

It's a simple choice really - treat cybercrime seriously, or feel the pain of wishing you had.  Cybercrime knows no borders.

[1] Kaspersky Global IT Security Risks Survey 2015