img-blog-2-pinkhatHave you heard about CEO Fraud yet?  It’s the latest game the bad guys are playing.  They have the ability to spoof an email from you, the CEO of the business, to one of your key employees in the accounting department (all they need to do is a website review or public record search) and ask for a transfer to be made to what appears to be a common vendor for your industry …

I have a client in West Los Angeles – an advertising agency this is a small, 20-person office, whose CFO forwarded to me an email appearing to come from the president of their company to her directly, asking to transfer money to one of their known vendors.  It was fake.  Fortunately, the CFO knows the President well enough to question why that kind of information would come to her via email, and they identified it as a fraud.  They were lucky.  You might not be.

And they are a local, small business that is seemingly not a big enough target for this kind of thing.

Think about it.  Please.

How would your team react to receiving email instructions from you that are fraudulent?  Want to find out by testing them?  Contact me and we can arrange a spoof email to see how disciplined and aware your team is.