The 2015 Travelers Business Risk Index shows that cybersecurity has moved near the top of the list of concerns for business leaders in the past year. The 2015 survey involved a total of 1,210 business risk managers, interviewed from February 18 to March 4, 2015.

The latest poll identifies computer-related issues as the second concern for all businesses (58%), as opposed to 2014 when it was ranked fifth. Seventy percent of large businesses now see cyber risk as a major threat, compared with 60% of mid-sized businesses, and 45% of small businesses. On the whole, businesses worry far more about malicious cyber attacks, such as viruses or hackers, than they do about system crashes or careless computing practices by employees. About one in 10 businesses believes it has been the victim of a cyber attack, including one in five large businesses.

Here is a list of the top concerns regarding cybersecurity:

2015 Traveler's risk index

Source: 2015 Travelers Business Risk Index Online.