last-pass-photoOne question that always comes up when I train staff not to use easy passwords or the same passwords for different websites … is “How in the world do I remember all of those passwords?!”  So, there are two tools that we use and recommend.


Lastpass Enterprise, $24/year per person,



RoboForm Enterprise, $30/year per person.


Why the paid enterprise versions?  SECURITY and EASE OF MANAGEMENT.  What you don’t want as a business owner, is for an employee to leave and have all of those vendor website logins saved to a tool that they can now access from home.  You want to be able to cut off access immediately.  And you want to know who is using what passwords and when.  All of this can be implemented and managed with the paid business versions of these tools.  Want to find out more? Let us help you pick the best solution for your needs, and set it up.  That’s what we’re here for!

By Joy Beland