Amazon and Goodwill have teamed up to reuse the abundance of boxes from all of the holiday purchases for the greater good. Donating is now as easy as ever before. Donations go directly to your nearest participating Goodwill organization using a free shipping label and empty Amazon (or other) box. Goodwill sells the donated goods, and the revenues help support employment placement, job training and other community-based services to create strong families and communities. Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Go to and sign up.

amazonpic21    signup

Step 2. After signing up, a shipping label will be sent to your email to print.

Step 3. Enter information on tax deduction receipt for your donation(s).


Step 4. Send your donation via UPS or USPS.


Step 5. You will receive an email once the donation has been processed by the charity, you can then print a copy of the receipt for your tax deduction purposes.


By Matthew Bridgeford