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This email came to me from a IT director at a company I've included on our E-Newsletters for a few months now.  He wanted to know what the basic first steps are to make sure they are secure.  Then he wanted to know what the next level of inspection and protection could be according to their budget.  The best answer I could give him, and was happy to provide, was a Free Security Audit to answer all of his questions. 


What kinds of things did we address in that first free visit?

  1. External vulnerability scan – quickly determine if the firewall is configured correctly or if they are a sitting duck on the internet.
  2. Who has access to their sensitive data on the server.
  3. How well the active user list and permissions are maintained.
  4. Suggested revisions to their password policy.
  5. Which of their Anti-virus / Anti-Malware tools are effective, and what we suggest they add or change.
  6. Staff education/ training suggestions that can make a huge difference in exposure of data and breaches.

Don't cross your fingers when it comes to your security.  Do some diligent homework and let us help.

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By Joy Beland