security policyAs part of our focus on security, we thought it was time to add an extra layer in protecting our clients. We’re officially implementing a 2-step verification process for all change requests and requests for sensitive information (like passwords) initiated by our clients. This will add an extra layer of security by requiring our technician initiate a call back to the person (or another authorized contact) at the verified number we have on file in order to confirm the request.

Why are we doing this?
It’s not just the “big guys” who are vulnerable to security breaches. Criminals go after small-medium sized businesses as well, hoping they will be easier targets. 10 small guys can represent a quicker payout than one big guy to them, and they thrive on this.  With instances of successful hacking and social engineering attempts becoming more common, we cannot allow our clients to be exposed on our end in any way.

2-Step verification helps protect our client’s account from unauthorized access.  So even if a cyber-criminal is aware that we are their IT Provider through either a compromised email account or social engineering tactic, they are unable to email (or even call us) impersonating one of client’s employees to reset passwords, change contact info, or to ask for sensitive information.

As always, our client’s business is our number one priority. So, is your IT company thinking like this for you too?