cyberwarriorDid you know, when we held our Cybersecurity Event for small business owners last June, 60% of the attendees followed up with us by adding some kind of security layer to their existing infrastructure.  Each of those solutions were affordable and effective, and we have ended up using many of these businesses as great referral sources.  So the past events were a huge success!

We are so grateful to Investigator David Babcock from the LA District Attorney's office, who is again taking some of his valuable time to meet with our clients, prospective clients, and colleagues, to review the state of cybersecurity in Los Angeles and how it applies to the small business sector.  Our next event is coming up on Tuesday March 21st - want to join us?  Know someone that you want to refer?  Just use this link to sign up - we do need an RSVP prior to the event as we are providing food (yay!) and coffee.  We hope to see you there!

By Joy Beland