preparingforrecyclingBy Joy Beland

The best reason to recycle is to protect our environment.  But, you can also choose a recipient of your recycled computer that is a non-profit or less-advantaged person who would be super happy to receive it.  Slightly used or refurbished technology has a very useful place in our world.  Making sure that it doesn’t come with any remnants of your sensitive data, however should be top of mind.

How do you make sure your data is actually 100% removed before donating your computer?  You have two options, outlined in this good resource article from Microsoft - either have someone clean it for you or do it yourself.  If you'd like someone to do this for you, we will wipe your drive for $50 each and then you can have it picked up by the non-profit at our office, and we'll get you the donation receipt.  Or you can do it yourself, using your choice of software mentioned in the article.