pac-meetingI just got back from a three-day peer event in Boston, where I sat alongside eleven other MSP owners from throughout the US with one of the world’s largest Disaster Recovery (DR) vendors. On a side note, each MSP is much larger than mine. They generally support businesses with hundreds of employees, and we support the true "small business" - from 10 to 100 employees as our normal client base.  So being asked to sit at the table and give feedback on their solution, our needs, the price points (affordability!!!) and the service delivery offered by this top-notch vendor is a big deal.

pac-meeting-1I am honored that this vendor selected me as one of their 12 members on their Partner Advisory Council and I am given this opportunity 2-3 times a year.  The use of their DR solution in my own IT infrastructure and at my clients’ sites has been a tremendous success for many years, and knowing I am able to give feedback to the top decision makers is super valuable to me, and to our clients. I am so proud to be a part of this team! Onward!

By Joy Beland