Last week in the office, a discussion started about how Facebook is smothered in political news articles/videos along with the opinions of all of your friends. While there are many places to see the news, maybe turning to social media as the new source for your daily political information leaves you feeling like you wish you knew more.  Every newspaper, network, blog, or social cause has an app, but the iOS News app has it all in one place, and you can combine the sources that you prefer all into one great daily read … this app is definitely worth checking out.


Step 1: Select News App


Step 2: Select Sign Me Up:


Step 3: Choose your favorite news sources to have them all in one place


Step 4: Once you have added all of your favorites, select whatever you feel like reading. Browse top news stories from your selected sources, or explore new mediums. All of the knowledge and information of what is happening around the world, all in one place, at your fingertips.

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Happy reading!


By Matthew Bridgeford