By Karina Weiler

A good way to start this article might be telling you that I’m one of those people who is really interested in time management. I’m all about using a timer for some of my tasks at work – as a matter of fact, according to my timer I only have 22 more minutes to write this article. I’m also a multi-tasker.

And as such, I’m always looking for new ways to best use the “free” time I have on my hands. OK, technically my driving time cannot be considered spare time, but you get what I’m saying. I oftentimes listen to FM radio (Big Boy’s Neighborhood, hello), Spotify or Pandora. But I’m always researching interesting podcasts to add to the mix.

Joy, who’s an avid podcast listener, recently told me about the “TED Radio Hour” podcast from NPR. I was baffled! I’m constantly scouring Youtube for new TED Talk videos, right?! So I thought: “This is the perfect opportunity to listen to some TED Talk while driving and/or showering also!” The one episode that Joy was talking about is titled “A Better You”, which also was their 100th episode, where several TED speakers revealed ways to discover our better selves. The one speaker that resonated most with me was a guy who learned not only how to deal with rejection but how to seek it pretty much every day until he mastered the “art”.

You can listen to “TED Radio Hour” on the web ( ) or just download the KPCC app and search for it under “Programs”.

I’m also a fan of WTF with Marc Maron, but that’s another story!