We found it.  An awesomely powerful Dark Web filtering service that allows us to see if any credentials from any websites have been stolen that are linked to our @la-itgirl.com or @pinkhattech.com email domains.  And you know what?  Two of our old, common passwords that we used a few years ago, before we got really savvy on security, were out there for the bad guys to grab.  Good to know!

How do you find out if your email credentials were compromised? Our membership with this service will provide around the clock alerting and monitoring for signs of compromised credentials. How do they do it? Constantly scouring millions of sources including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites and blogs, bulletin boards, and illegal black market sites.  And, to be a vendor of ours, you know they are both affordable and reputable.  We’ll be introducing this to our clients in the next two weeks as we have already signed up our biggest clients right away.  Stay tuned.