KnowBe4, Pink Hat’s partner, and the world’s most popular platform for simulated phishing attacks, reports quarterly on the latest top-clicked phishing email subjects so you know what the highest-risk fake emails are. That way you help your last line of defense, YOUR STAFF, protect against the most common social engineering attacks.

This infographic shows the most frequently clicked phishing emails from Q2 2017 in 3 separate categories: subjects related to social media, general emails and 'In The Wild' attacks that they have received from their customers for analysis.

While the results show that users click most frequently on business-related subject lines (“Security Alert” is the highest ranked at 21 percent), they still click with alarming frequency on subject lines completely unrelated to work topics:

How Can This Help Your Organization?

Armed with this data, we can set up phishing campaigns using templates related to these subjects to strengthen your human firewall. We recommend starting with 1- and 2-star level tests --these are easier to spot -- and over a 12-month period increase the difficulty level to 4- and 5-star templates which are much harder to identify.

You can even target specific groups, departments, and/or individuals with phish of differing maturity levels. That can allow security leaders to inject training at a maturity level that is most likely to help each group – and it also allows for some gamification. Visit for more information and to request a quote.

Source: KnowBe4 Blog