By Joy Beland

Wi-Fi strength and stability are the thorns in the side of many small business office managers.  It defeats the purpose to have Wi-Fi, if you can't count on it to be there when you need it. Last year, we started testing the Ruckus Wi-Fi system in our own office and we were blown away.  The signal of our regular Wi-Fi Access Point made it roughly 100 feet out.  The signal from the Ruckus Access Point – just one – made it outside our office building and out of the parking lot.  Not only is the signal stronger, it's much better bandwidth.

And we can do cool things, like designing a "splash" page with the company logo, so a guest on the Wi-Fi network has to agree to terms & conditions and enter a password before proceeding.  But best of all, we can manage the Access Points remotely and they offer fantastic reporting and configuration capabilities.

Ruckus is the go-to Wi-Fi system for every major college campus across the US.  They have a small business package that is comprised of a controller and up to five Access Points – at a price point that is above what you'd pay for a regular system that you can pick up on or Amazon – but the results are affordable for what you get and totally worth it.  We love it so much that we have a complete system we loan out for testing.  We can deploy it at your office for two weeks for you to see the difference yourself – a Try Before You Buy program.  You've got nothing to lose – except a signal, if you're not in range ...