By Joy Beland

OK, so last week we covered Dropbox Free vs. Dropbox Business and we got great feedback on it.  For Part 2 we will discuss Google Drive Free vs. Google Drive for Work.

One of the important things I like to point out to our clients is that in any “free” licensing model, you are losing the ability to see who is doing what with your business-owned data.  For example, with our Dropbox for Business account (and this is true for other paid vendors), when someone uses a email to sign up for a free Dropbox, I am notified.  I get to talk to that person about how they will use it, and whether I want to allow that usage in a non-managed version.

Visibility is powerfully important.  Ability to manage and control company data is KEY!  So, here’s the low-down on Google.  Enjoy!