Your employees are your last line of defense. Learn what they can do to help protect company data.

Tip #1

Train your employees in security principles.

Why: Employees are your last line of defense, and are constantly exposed to sophisticated social engineering attacks. Even the FBI says that the #1 thing to prevent intrusions and breaches is to educate your staff.

That’s why we created our Security Awareness Staff Training. At only 45 minutes long, this customized, interactive education about the threats facing your business is engaging and packed with valuable tools. Most of our clients make it mandatory for their entire staff to attend... Read more

Tip #2

Use complex passwords & use different passwords for each account you have.

Why: Different sites and companies are being hacked daily. So if your login information is stolen from those sites, the criminals basically have the keys to everything that you use.

How: Here’s a tip we often use to create our passwords that also make them easy to remember: