Learn more on how to secure your company’s mobile devices.

Tip #1
Have users password protect access to mobile devices

Why: This will go a long way toward keeping a thief from accessing sensitive data if the device is lost or hacked. 

Tip #2
Laptops should have encrypted hard drives

Why: IT pros can easily bypass a password to get to your data if the drive is not encrypted. How do we know? We do it all the time.

Tip #3
Determine what activities your staff is/isn’t allowed to perform on mobile devices

How: We can help build your “Being Your Own Device” (BYOD) plan

Today’s work force is all about mobility. The hard thing to balance is the necessary security vs the ease of use for your staff.  It’s a conversation worth having, because coming to an agreement with the staff on what they absolutely must be able to do on their own devices, vs. what they can do at the office or only by connecting through a secure VPN, enables user buy-in.

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