Tip #1: “First 24 Hours” Checklist

So, you clicked on something you shouldn’t have, and now you have a warning on your screen or a failed attempt to open a document attachment that leaves you wondering if that was not a good idea.  What should you do?  Here’s a quick list to keep handy – and the more your staff is familiar with this list, the faster and more thorough the response will be.

We recommend reviewing this list with your staff, customizing it to your internal policies, and then posting a copy in each department.  Especially step #1, which can be the difference between a small nuisance of a breach, or a company shut down.

Download “First 24 Hours” checklist now 

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Tip #2: Key Disaster Recovery Principles

We found some incident response information from the FCC that we like.  This list of key principles was something we thought we’d share. You can download the full “Incident Response” report, which is an easy to follow three-page review, from http://www.fcc.gov/cyberplanner. All five of these principles are services we build into our protection strategy for each of our clients.  Let us help you put yours together, by calling us today at (424) 789-8208.

Download “Key Disaster Recovery Tips” now

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