Protecting your privacy is more important than ever while you travel, and avoiding public Wi-Fi connections is part of the equation.  If you don't carry your own "Mi-fi hotspot" that you can use to connect your laptop to, then the next best option is to turn your phone into a hotspot, and connect your laptop to that.

Fortunately, it’s simple enough to turn your smartphone into your very own mobile internet connection. The only requirement is that your operator allows Internet sharing or “tethering.” Otherwise, the following steps to setup your hotspot will not be possible.

For the visually minded, just imagine that your phone will connect to the internet via its normal 3G/4G connection. The magic happens when your computer’s Wi-Fi joins your private phone hotspot connection.

Keep in mind that the foundation of this connection is your cellular data plan, so this connection might cost you extra, depending on your plan limits. You will also be draining your phone’s battery, so plug it in to charge while you are sharing out that internet connection, if that’s an option.

You are now five simple steps away from getting back to work:

Step 1 – Settings Menu

Go to the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon on your home screen.


Step 2 – Hotspot

Once in settings, with iOS you will go into “Personal Hotspot” and with Android you will go to “Tethering and portable hotspot.”


Step 3 – Activate Hotspot

Once inside the hotspot settings, both iOS and Android have simple switches that you need to engage.


Step 4 – Hotspot Settings

On your first activation you will need to create the settings for your hotspot. Parameters include username and password.


Step 5 – Connect to WiFi

 You can now connect to this WiFi hookup by finding it in your usual list of available networks.

Your password protected hotspot settings will do a good job at keeping you secure. But be sure to log-off when you’re finished, or not actively using the network to avoid any unnecessary charges.

As you can see, it is quite easy setting up your own mobile hotspot. Once you go through the process, it is one more resource you will have at your disposal to ensure you will always have a connection.