Last week I attended to a Seminar organized by the Information and Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC) where they presented this year’s Symantec Email Threat report – here are the key takeaways.

In its 40-plus-year history, emails have become one of the most ubiquitous electronic technologies to date, with billions of messages sent each day.

With that level of popularity comes its share of risks. Email is by far the most popular method for attackers to spread malicious code.

According to Symantec’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, the vast majority of malicious emails attempt to entice the user through socially engineered subject lines and message bodies in order to trick the user into opening a malicious attachment. While the subject matter varied, the top three themes centered around billing, package delivery, and scanned documents—all topics where an email attachment wouldn’t appear out of the ordinary.

Top three malicious email themes:

And here’s your typical email malware infection process:

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