By Joy Beland

So you have O365 finally, and you want to know how to get under the hood to make the best use of it.  Here’s a quick list of our initial setup that we provide, to help you customize these features yourself.

  • Quarantine settings – what types of attachments do you want to automatically block or always allow? What happens if an email is quarantined – does the user get to check the quarantine and retrieve their own items, or is IT responsible to check the quarantine only when a user claims to be missing emails they are not receiving?
  • Archiving – Did you purchase the Online Archive with your subscription and if so, have you configured it?  If not, how do you want the Archive to be handled for your Outlook users?  Is there an Archive policy that can be applied to the organization and are the users aware of it?
  • Clutter- this feature can be enabled or disabled.  Before it’s enabled, we suggest you educate the staff on what it is, so they can remember to check the separate folder occasionally.
  • OWA home page – This is a life-saver if Outlook becomes problematic, and also some things only work in OWA (the web-based version of Outlook) or in Outlook, so knowing the features and benefits of both ways to work with Email, Calendar and Contacts is super helpful.