We know you are probably done with your holiday shopping for all your friends and loved ones, but what about your staff?

Because we take IT Security so seriously at Pink Hat Tech, we wanted to be proactive to offer a valuable but inexpensive benefit to our staff for 2018 - and we signed up for a really robust Identity Monitoring Service.

The service I’m talking about is called “Spotlight ID Pro." We’ve just added this vendor to our portfolio, because the company we are providing this through is so well-respected in the industry and also affordable for small businesses. We are able to secure this service for our clients at 50% off the retail pricing, and it is tax deductible for employers! So it's a win-win.

Aside from the normal highlights of a credit monitoring service, the reason we chose their premium package for our employees here at Pink Hat comes down to two fabulous differentiators:

  1. If there is a credit breach for one of our employees, this service has the ability (via power of attorney) to do all of the credit notifications, cancelations, and account re-openings that might be necessary. This means our employees won't have to use their personal or vacation time to do the cleanup themselves, and be thrown into an all-consuming crisis that we didn't plan for.
  2. If an employee loses their purse or wallet, the same proactive measures can be taken for the credit card replacement etc. by this service.

The other benefits that are included?

  • Notifies an employee when their personal or corporate email address and password are compromised and exposed on the Dark Web for malicious purposes.
  • Monitors non-credit loans, including payday and quick-cash loans that do not require a Social Security number or credit inquiry.
  • Up to $1 million to apply to most identity restoration-associated fees, with $0 deductible.
  • Monitors and notifies when fraudulent names, aliases and addresses become associated with your Social Security Number.

As the line between employee’s personal and professional online accounts continues to blur, it is more important than ever to protect the personal identities of everyone.

Interested in this solution? We can give you more details. Call us at 424-789-8208.