I recently attended an ISSA cyber security seminar and learned a little bit more about the tools and strategies that hackers use to try to gain access to your computer network. The one thing that I wanted to share with you today is one of the platforms they use to create phishing emails – those emails that send you malicious links to click on or infected attachments for you to open.

This platform is called EMKEI.CZ and according to the FBI, hackers send up to 3,000 of these emails per day. Now imagine that the “scam of the day” is spoofing CEOs’ email addresses and requesting accounting managers to do wire transfers to a fraudulent account – even if their “response rate” is 1%, that’s 30 people! Thirty people that, unfortunately, will probably lose their jobs and cost their companies a lot of money.

That’s why rolling out Phishing Security Tests and Online Training to our clients has been really exciting to me on a personal level. We will do everything within our reach to make sure our clients are properly trained on security awareness and on the lookout for the most recent scams.

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