By Joy Beland

Mobile Device Management is becoming more important with the new mobile workforce.  A few years ago, no one understood why it was necessary – now our clients are asking about it often.  The goal? Protect company data – but in my mind, it is also to protect the employees who use mobile devices.  If they can’t go to websites that should have been blocked in the first place; if they can’t download apps they shouldn’t be using; if they have their car broken in to and their laptop is stolen – these are all examples of how a good IT plan would have protected the employee and the company data with a Mobile Device Management system in place.

We have a couple great options that are affordable and easy for us to deploy.

We can manage just iOS devices with Jamf and get some reasonably secure policies in place.  Or, if you have a mixed Mac, PC and /or Android environment, we use Maas360.  What a powerful tool this is!

Either of these solutions will allow us to push down applications, block applications, and remote-wipe the devices.  Interested in learning more?  Let us help you take the panic out of a mobile device gone awry.