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Why Pink Hat? What’s in a name? Everything. We are a managed services firm with responsive, well-trained, courteous engineers, and we lend a focus to cyber security in all that we do. You’ve heard of White Hat – the “good hackers” who want to help companies determine their vulnerabilities. You’ve heard of Black Hat – the “bad hackers” who make their livelihoods on capitalizing on vulnerabilities. Well, Pink Hat is our feminine twist on cyber security and our way of throwing our hat in the ring. Why? IT Management is completely different today compared to only a year ago. The landscape of digital devices has exploded and that affects the business infrastructure planning, segregation and security in a whole new way.

Either you’re navigating that new landscape in a new pair of wheels, or you’re exposed. Period.

We rebranded our company from LA IT Girl (still our parent company name) to Pink Hat Technology Management to reflect our focus on protection as the overall mission behind our supporting the IT infrastructure of our clients. We perform all the Managed Services duties of planning for, recommending, installing and maintaining servers, desktops, cloud solutions, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and mobile devices. But then we layer on the education for your staff in everything security related. We lock down the internet and bring in compliance standards for passwords, resource access restrictions and policy. We plan for and implement incident response plans and disaster recovery solutions.

Our President, Joy Beland, has served the greater Los Angeles community as an IT Consultant since 1997. Joy obtained her first Microsoft Server certification in 2007, as a Small Business Specialist. She has helped dozens of small businesses get their first server, then second and third, and incorporate on premise email and data backup solutions over the years. As her clients grew, so did her business, and all of the growth has been by word of mouth for 19 years. After all, a happy client means wonderful referrals.

Joy’s focus moved to the cloud years ago, seeing how her clients could benefit from a pay as you go lighter infrastructure. She obtained her Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Provider Certification and recently the CompTIA Security+ Certification – a good mix of function plus protection. Joy’s mission has always been to be a business advisor with a rock solid IT skill set, to assist her clients in their growth through a stable and robust technology platform.

Our team – well, we can say they are highly skilled, humble, outgoing people that are the Rock stars of the tech world … but you have to meet them yourself. David has been with us the longest, six years, and is probably the most-loved and appreciated technician you would ever meet. Valerie not only holds our fort down, she fortifies the entire structure on a daily basis. Nick is so bright and talented that you wonder how he ever has time to whip up all-star chili dishes for our competitions over the holidays. Karina stuns us with her marketing and branding capabilities … seriously, she’s extraordinary. We can go on and on about who makes up our team but what you really should know, is we are great people who feel lucky to walk into our office every day and blessed to serve our clients.

So, how can we help you?