John Bruggeman has been an active IT Security Evangelist since May 2001 when his company was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. This incident took his main site offline for three days, while he worked with his ISP to reroute and deflect the attack.

From that point forward he has focused his attention on building as secure a network as possible, as well as preaching "Defense in Depth." Over the last 16 years he has obtained multiple, high-level IT Security certifications (the GSEC, GCIH, and GCWN). These security certificates go beyond general security, and are focused heavily on the technical side of Information Security.

As part of his efforts he has actively participated in the Higher Education Information Security Council since 2006, serving twice as the co-chair of that group. He has also presented over half a dozen times at national Higher Education conferences on IT security topics since 2002, raising awareness and presenting best-practice standards for IT Security.

As a hands on manager of a four-site network of over 300 computers spread over 10 time zones and 2 countries, John has an intimate and detailed knowledge of what technologies work, what security tools are effective and efficient, and how to focus limited IT resources so that they provide the most bang for the buck.  John has selected low-cost, high-value technologies to protect and provide an in-depth defense for his mid-sized network that can be managed with a lean staff.

His goal is to protect the small and mid-size companies, and he has been working in tandem with Pink Hat Technology Management and our clients since 2016 to oversee the delivery of Security Services. We are only as strong as our weakest link!