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Even the FBI is saying the #1 thing to prevent intrusions is to educate your staff. That’s why we created our Security Awareness Staff Training project. At only 45 minutes long, this customized, interactive education about the threats facing your business is engaging and packed with valuable tools. Most of our clients make it mandatory for their entire staff to attend.

We customize the training to your business! Prior to this session we will review with you your company culture, and go over your existing Acceptable Usage Policy to make the most out of your Staff Training. We’ll also ask permission to secretly phish email your staff, to have some real stats for how many people unwittingly opened an attachment or clicked a link they shouldn’t have.

What will they learn? Here’s just a partial list of what we cover, with real-life examples!

  • Why the sudden explosion in these threats?
  • Who benefits and how does it happen?
  • What exactly is a breach and how can you tell?
  • The 5 most important things you can do to prevent an intrusion.
  • And so much more that we provide handouts for notes and we follow up with an email containing important links and tools to start using right away!

We have hundreds of testimonials on the effectiveness of this training. Here’s just some of our favorites:

“The biggest take-away for me was to be more aware of what we do with our computers and cell phones. For example, to always review the email sender before clicking any links or opening attachments. Also, it’s very important to never give any personal or banking information to anyone, especially if the request comes via email. Another big thing would be having a different password for each one of your personal and work accounts.”

Sharon Zimring, Preschool Teacher, Temple Isaiah

“A lot of this security stuff is very boring and Joy did a great job of making it interesting. The difference in how Joy presents this is her giving real-life examples of how we work in our office today, not just theoretical examples of how it might affect our staff or applications. That makes people sit up and pay attention, which is exactly what we needed. And the list of what she was able to cover in an hour was quite comprehensive – she left no security stone unturned. It was extremely valuable.”

Michael Cantor, Executive Director
Temple Isaiah

“I hovered my mouse over the email address and realized it was not a legitimate link it would send me to – so I notified our staff immediately not to click on that email, just like I learned in the training that Joy did for us last month."

Nathalie Clayman, Keith Company

“I’ve learned more about protecting my computer and my cell phone in this one session than I’ve learned since I’ve had computers!”

Wim Sijen, Keith Company

“We had our staff attend a mandatory cyber security training with Joy, and we were very glad we did. Everyone learned how to be a lot more careful when doing internet searches, opening emails and clicking on links. We also were surprised to learn how much the average breach costs a business. Although we feel Joy’s team does a great job with the security tools on our computers and network, we are comforted to know we are all being more careful in our own actions. It all adds up to saving us money and staying competitive.”

Jeffrey Lasher, COO
Rouse Company

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Training at Keith Company, June 2016

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Training at JVS, July 2016


Training at a commercial Real Estate Company, October 2016