PH-Agent is a Dark Web filtering service that allows us to see if any credentials from any websites have been stolen that are linked to a client's email domain.

This service monitors, aggregates and alerts non-stop, 365 days a year, scouring millions of sources including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites and blogs, bulletin boards, illegal black market sites as well as private and public networks and forums.

How do your credentials get stolen and why should you care?

Let's say you made a purchase at where you had to create a login using your email address and favorite password, just like you have done many times before.

Sometime later, gets hacked (as it did in December 2013) and your login information, including your password, gets sold on the Dark Web. Since you most likely used the same password, this login information now gives criminals access to your banking website, email, and any other site that you made any purchases in the past. This can lead to them being able to access and transfer money from your bank, identity theft and even access to your practice data.

Our Dark Web filtering service, PH-Agent, monitors and alerts us whenever your information appears on the Dark Web. We can then take steps to fix the security holes and make sure that all of your information stays safe.