Do you have an earthquake kit but not an IT Incident Response Plan?

If so, why?  Why prepare for an earthquake that is less likely to happen in the coming year – than for your data and network to be breached to a point of complete disruption?

Not a lot of discussion happens about the Incident Response Plan, and we are out to change that. There is a lot of information out there on the internet, with Incident Response checklists, but the fact is, all of them ask the person doing the customization of that list (in order to make it useful in any way), to do a lot of work gathering details.  You can’t just take a template and think you have a good plan.  You have to walk through this as a serious exercise, and doing it with your management team and admins is a super important factor, if you want to be successful when the time comes (and we believe it will) when you need to use the plan.

Are you interested in creating a plan for your business? It only takes a few drafts and we have templates (including our own) to start with.

Oh, and you can save money on your Cyber Liability Insurance by telling your agent you have an Incident Response Plan in place, too.