Today’s work force is all about mobility.  We know it, because we live it.  

Balancing the necessary security vs. the ease of use for your staff can be tricky.  It’s a conversation worth having, because coming to an agreement with the staff on what they absolutely must be able to do on their own devices, vs. what they can do at the office, enables user buy-in.  We expertly guide this conversation and roll out our solutions in a staged and digestible manner, so that your staff not only stays productive but engages in the process of becoming more secure as they become more mobile.

We support both iOS devices and PC devices, phones or tablets or laptops.  We expertly navigate Jamf for the iOS world and we are also a Cloud Accelerate Certified Microsoft Partner, meaning we stay on top of the training and real-life implementations required to expertly navigate the Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Active Directory and all solutions in-between, to help you work better.

Remember that just as important as who needs access to what remotely, is what should *NOT* be accessible remotely, and by whom.  We answer these questions in the planning process with you:

  • Which plan for Office 365 will provide what you need, at an affordable rate?
  • Which components of the Office 365 plan make sense to deploy and in what order?
  • How will adding in 2-factor authentication, e-mail protection, archiving and encryption provide function and security in your environment?
  • Is your data going to be secure in the cloud using SharePoint or One Drive? How do you utilize each of those to their fullest capabilities?  Is a hybrid environment more beneficial to you, using both on premise servers and cloud storage?
  • Should you implement flexible, affordable data backup and disaster recovery solutions by taking advantage of cloud services like Microsoft Azure?
  • Is your data valuable enough to deploy Intune and Active Directory as border patrols?

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