There are two strains of Ransomware in 2016/2017 that have been able to crawl the networks and reach the backup drives, encrypting the backup drive data. We cannot guarantee that the backup server & offsite backup for your network would be 100% impervious to this type of zero day threat. We have implemented a “USB Cold Backup” rotation program wherein we ship you a set of three USB drives, clearly labeled A B & C, and we remind you every Friday to swap out A for B, B for C, or C for A before the end of the day.

We then do a manual offload from the backup server to the USB drive and we “release” the drive remotely. On Monday, you would remove the drive and put it into the small box that houses the other two USB drives, kept in the server room. With this rotation, we are able to go back three full weeks in offline backups, for the “worst case scenario” recovery.

Old school, we know. But your Business Continuity is our #1 goal and we believe this is an affordable, simple way to keep you moving in the worst case scenario.