Welcome to our site.

Why Pink Hat? What’s in a name? Everything. We are a managed services firm with responsive, well-trained, courteous engineers, and we lend a focus to cyber security in all that we do. You’ve heard of White Hat – the “good hackers” who want to help companies determine their vulnerabilities. You’ve heard of Black Hat – the “bad hackers” who make their livelihoods on capitalizing on vulnerabilities. Well, Pink Hat is our feminine twist on cyber security and our way of throwing our hat in the ring. Why? IT Management is completely different today compared to only a year ago. The landscape of digital devices has exploded and that affects the business infrastructure planning, segregation and security in a whole new way.

Either you’re navigating that new landscape in a new pair of wheels, or you’re exposed. Period.

We perform all the Managed Services duties of planning for, recommending, installing and maintaining servers, desktops, cloud solutions, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and mobile devices. But then we layer on the education for your staff in everything security related. We lock down the internet and bring in compliance standards for passwords, resource access restrictions and policy. We plan for and implement incident response plans and disaster recovery solutions.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We serve as your Virtual Chief Technology and Security Officer, providing for strategic IT and Cyber Security planning & budgeting, so you stay on track with your business’ goals.
  2. We don’t just fix computers. We educate your team on the solutions they use, with the end goal of maximizing productivity.
  3. We specialize in Cyber Security, offering layered security solutions that are effective, easy to use and understand, and don’t break the bank.
  4. We don’t lock you into long term agreements.
  5. Our clients have not experienced data breaches, Ransomware or other major threats currently permeating the small business community, because of our exclusive training program developed w/ the LA District Attorney’s Office and FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force.


Our Core Values:

  • We Encourage Initiative: We are innovative and enthusiastically encourage new ideas.
  • We Are Passionate About Learning: Each team member of Pink Hat Tech is engaged in ongoing training and certifications; expanding not just our knowledge but each member’s career value.  Developing confidence and pride in our achievements is integral to each person’s self-esteem.
  • We Are Passionate About Teaching: In our own office, in our client offices, and in the greater Los Angeles tech community, we participate in knowledge sharing.  We focus on how our staff, clients and families use their technology and provide additional tips or productivity enhancements as often as we can, to help each person be more successful.
  • We Respect and Appreciate Each Person’s Uniqueness: Our tribe comes from varied origins, beliefs and family backgrounds.  With our Core Values in common we respect each other’s thought process, life experiences and cultural caveats. This value carries into our day-to-day service delivery with our clientele.
  • We Positively Embrace Challenges: No business goes without challenges; our team’s attitude is to stay positive and look for the opportunities to learn from each experience.