6 Things We Do Better for Small to Midsize Businesses

1. You can count on us.

We answer our support lines LIVE during daytime business hours. We have an online portal for you to check the status of your requests 24/7. We even have a chat feature available from each computer if you want it! And, no requests fall into the never world, because we do a full open service ticket review 3x per week.

2. Our engineers are qualified, happy professionals.

We have better trained and more experienced engineers than the average IT firm, with years of real world experience. Our techs are chosen for their ability to communicate with excellent written and verbal instructions, and they are highly sensitive to communicating well and meeting your needs. They are always training for the next certification and we treat them well – so they are happy when they come in every day and sit down to assist you.

3. We will provide the most cost-effective solution for your situation.

We understand the importance of keeping overhead and costs to a minimum. That’s why we constantly monitor the tech industry to find the most cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions to the problems you face, without sacrificing quality. We never charge clients for expensive upgrades, hardware, software, or solutions that aren’t 100% necessary. And we never recommend a product without testing it first on our own network.

4. We’re big enough to handle any computer project, and still small enough to provide you with the individual attention you deserve.

Our clients tell us that working with friendly, polite, and good-humored engineers is as important as the skills and responsive service they provide. It is important that the people you and your staff communicate with know who you are, understand your needs, listen to you, and empathize with you. Having these close relationships means ALL of your users will be as productive as possible- and having happy staff will ultimately lead to happy clients.

5. We schedule system upgrades and fixes after normal business hours to save you thousands of dollars in productivity.

We understand that system upgrades, fixes, and installations can bring down your computer network for several hours. For your convenience, we’ll schedule our engineers to perform this work after hours so there is minimal interruption to your business.

6. We are the only IT support company that meticulously documents our work the way we do.

We give line-by-line detail of what we do when we work on your network, making our work easy to scrutinize for billing purposes. These details are stored in our online knowledge base, giving you the ability to reproduce solutions we previously implemented for you. We use enterprise level software for our client support requests, even though we are a small business, so that we do our job right.